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AT BROOK WE SAY WE HAVE DONE IT ALL, LET IT BE LEASING, SALE, MANDATING OR EVEN CONSULTING, BUT THEN AGAIN IF WE HAVE NOT PARTNERED WITH YOU WE HAVEN'T DONE IT ALL YET !!!. It is mind boggling how often landlords and tenants find themselves looking for guidance because an unpleasant surprise has cropped up during the course of a lease. In most every case, such surprises are the result of having signed a poorly understood or poorly constructed lease agreement. Let us help. Discover the most advanced ideas and key concepts in use today by the top people involved in leasing commercial real estate, right here. Find out how you can better serve your own interests or those of your clients.

Some of the advantages of partnering with us are:

• We have an excellent understanding of the lease process, from beginning to end.
• Thorough Understanding of key commercial real estate.
• Excellent in analyzing a tenant's needs and determining their square footage requirement.
• On the top of business in assessing the tenant's lease vs. purchase decision (cost of occupancy analysis).
• Good in providing a method of property comparison analysis based on a market survey.
• Experience in developing the critical Request For Proposal (RFP).
• Can handle all types of Negotiations, including lease clause analysis and other issues of significance.
• Properties will be in excellent condition, with good facilities, and have been refurbished or redecorated recently.